Man calls 911 because his iPhone won’t work

they need to make the "how stupid are you" app

they need to make the "how stupid are you" app

We all get a bit upset when our cell phone won’t work but it is never wise to call the 911 dispatch for your problem. Yes, someone will listen to your complaints until they get your address but they won’t be able to fix your phone and it’s a sure fire way to get yourself arrested.

When Michael Skopec couldn’t get his iPhone to work, he called 911… four times. In so doing he is said to have wasted approximately 15 minutes of emergency response time.

When asked what his emergency was, he stated, “his phone”. Another time he asked the dispatch “Why can’t you connect me to AT&T?” At some point he also told the dispatch that he didn’t want the police to come because they’d shoot him.

Eventually the 911 dispatcher got Skopec’s address and arrested him for obstruction and resisting arrest. Stupid, and you can hear the stupidity in person thanks to Soundcloud user kylenw, who was nice enough to upload a recording.

Alcohol, as is often the case, is believed to have been a factor.

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