2011 – The Year In Review

As another year comes to a close, I present to you the top ten stories of the year based on on the number of page views. I hope everyone has a great, safe and happy new year and thanks for reading We Interrupt. Special thanks to everyone who linked to us or helped spread the word about the site via all the various social media outlets especially all our Facebook fans. You Rock!

I personally would also like to thank everyone on the We Interrupt team especially my right hand man Chris. I also want to thank all the writers who worked on the site over the year: Jeff, Luca, Nicole, Evan and Shane for finding the best of odd news from all the corners of the world. See you on the flip side.

Happy New Year!

#1 – Mom Harvests Dead Son’s Sperm

#2 – Colonoscopy reveals incredibly resilient insect

#3 – Zimbabwean man gets shock of his life when prostitute he ordered ends up being his daughter

#4 – How not to get back in touch with someone who just “unfriended” you on Facebook

#5 – Woman saved from murderous husband by breast implant

#6 – The best Super Mario leg tattoo you will see all day

#7 – Little Girl Happily Submits to the Dark Side

#8 – Skinny Jeans Hot Contraband in North Korea

#9 – Christians worried about your pets after Saturday’s rapture? There’s an atheist for that

#10 – Immigration officer comes up with clever plan to get rid of his wife—put her on the “No Fly List”


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